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We Are CBD Therapy


Here at CBD Therapy, we truly care about our customers’ SPA experience. With accumulated 25 years working in spa industry and finding current confusion within the CBD market, we have design each product to target specific ailments in balanced doses, making it easy to find the relief your guests have been looking for. We want to help your spa guests improve their lives, enhance their experiences and take back the control over their wellness.

Cannabidiol, popularly known as simply CBD, is a naturally occurring non-psychoactive cannabinoid compound that is found in cannabis and hemp plants. The CBD receptors (known as CB2) are part of the endocannabinoid system, which is the physiological system that helps homeostatic functions within the central nervous system. This includes maintenance of bodily functions, pain, inflammation, and the immune system. CB2 receptors are found in nerve and immune cells in just about every organ, including the skin!

The benefits of both massage therapy and CBD individually provide
great relief to the body. When CBD is incorporated into massage therapy the results can be more intense. CBD will bind and act on the CB2 receptors which can be found near the skin. This will activate the endocannabinoid system to deliver relief from pain and inflammation.

The anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving agents of this CBD-infused massage oil reduces inflammation within the muscles and joints, allowing the massage therapist to work more effectively. The use of this infused massage oil also prolongs the benefits of the massage!