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CBD isn’t new but, its popularity and legal status are growing at an exponential rate. As a result,  there’s much information from many different sources that can be confusing and even overwhelming to understand. To make matters worse, some information isn’t true at all or is a mix of fact and fiction. Combine this with competing state, federal, and international laws that change regularly it’s no wonder that what you see and hear can vary. The CBD   Therapy   is dedicated to sorting through the many sources of information while also connecting with experts, patients, and medical professionals to explain the research without all the industry jargon. Our goal is to encourage education empowerment so  that your  spa  clients,  therapists,  and  practitioners  can  make  informed  decisions.

This e-book will give you comprehensive understanding of history of Cannabinoids in healing, how Endocanabinoid system works, learn how cbd can fight disease, the importance of Cannabinoids in healing and many more.