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Mindfullness Massage Oil

  • Hemp CBD Isolate is a crystalline, powdered form of Cannabidiol, which is odorless and super pure.  This massage oil contains 1000 milligrams of purified CBD from hemp, and begins working almost immediately.
  • Helpful for de-stress, improving sleep patterns and enhancing state of calm in the body.
  • Excellent for reducing feelings of anxiety, low mood and distress.
  • This proprietary formula uses all natural ingredients including pure grapeseed oil, Frankincense, Rosemary and Lavender in addition to the purified Cannabidiol from legal hemp.
  • 125ml ml bottle
  • Highly concentrated, so you can mix this in with other massage oils as well as using it in it’s pure form.
  • Contains zero THC – no unpleasant hemp smell.
  • Made from organic Oregon legal hemp.

A breakthrough massage oil that uses a highly purified CBD isolate from industrial hemp that is 99.99 percent pure.